What is a Quinn Fellowship?

Funding to finish Ph.D dissertation

Being awarded a Quinn Fellowship is a prestigious honor given to only one or two Ph.D. students a year at 13 top universities throughout the United States. The Quinn Fellowship has a variety of characteristics that make it both desirable and highly competitive.
  • Quinn Fellows are in final year of Ph.D. study; their writing year. Fellowships allow fellow to concentrate on writing and completing Ph.D. dissertation
  • Quinn Fellowship award is a stipend program matched 100% by participating universities to help cover expenses for one school year
  • 13 top university graduate history departments presently participate
  • Subject matter of Ph.D. dissertation is not restricted
  • Awards have been given in Business History as well as areas of American, European, Asian and Latin American History
  • All Fellowships are awarded by participating universities to Ph.D. candidates in their final year enrolled at said university
  • All applications must be made directly to participating university graduate history departments by students enrolled at participating university. A graduate history department committee at each university selects each Quinn Fellow.  The Foundation grants directly to the university, not to the individual graduate student.
  • Competition for a Quinn Fellowship is keen. It has become a prestigious award for graduate history Ph.D. scholars at participating universities.