Lara Rabinovitch

  • Fellowship year:2011-2012
  • University: New York University
  • Dissertation Topic/Category: Jewish History
  • Dissertation Title: 'The Gravest Question': Romanian Jewish Migration to North America 1900-1903
  • Lara Rabinovitch is writing her PhD dissertation at New York University on the first major wave of Romanian Jewish migration to the United States and Canada in the early twentieth century.  By using a transnational and comparative approach, her work examines how this specific migratory group modifies our greater conception of Jewish migration during the era of mass migration.  This overlooked migration, and the heightened diplomatic and organizational responses to it over the years 1900-1902 specifically, foreshadowed and indirectly amounted to a critical stage in the development of international intercession in light of the politics of Jewish migration and the growth of minority rights, central aspects in the unfolding of history throughout the rest of the twentieth century.