Huan Tian

  • Fellowship year:2009-2010
  • University: Columbia University
  • Dissertation Topic/Category: Asia
  • Dissertation Title: Governing Imperial Borders: Insights from the Study of the Implementations of Law in Qing Xinjiang
  • Huan Tian examines how Qing rulers did state building and state consolidation in frontier areas as the Qing transformed from an empire to a proto-nation state, through a detailed analysis of the role the laws (the Qing state law and the local customary law) played in Xinjiang in this process. Part One of this dissertation mainly focuses on changes in the applicability of the two forms of law from the annexation of this area until the collapse of the dynasty, based on severe criminal cases. Part Two deals with the operation of both criminal and civil law at the local level after 1884, in order to draw a comprehensive picture of legal implementation in this frontier region during the late Qing period. While Part One is more about the attitudes of imperial elites and local power-holders toward legal institutions,Part Two is about the real life of ordinary people, through a study of the implementation of and the role played by both criminal and civil law.