Christina Carroll

  • Fellowship year:2013-2014
  • University: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Dissertation Topic/Category: Early Modern Europe
  • Dissertation Title: Memory, Politics, and National Identity: Defining the French Empire, 1860-1914
  • My dissertation explores the debates over the meaning of "empire" that transpired within political and popular spheres between 1860 and 1914 in Second Empire and Third Republic France. It examines how individuals of different ideological persuasions articulated the relationship between "metropolitan" and "colonial" empire in this era, focusing specifically on the shifting role that the memory of a Napoleonic European empire played in republican ideas about colonial expansion. This analysis highlights the ways in which discourses of European racial superiority over colonial others intersected with older arguments about the organization of the French state, and reveals how the conversation about empire became entangled in the ongoing struggle over France's politics and national identity.